Israel 2016

What a blessing it was to join Pastor Tony Mangana, Calvary Chapel Hillside church, and other churches as we traveled to Israel for 10 days of experiencing the very same places that Jesus was born, walked, and taught.  The Bible came alive as we boarded a boat to sail on the sea of Gallilee, with a sweet time of worshipping, and then enjoying a fish lunch afterwards.  We drove up to Mount Carmel and overlooked the beautiful Jezreel Valley, Mount of Beatitudes, the wailing wall, walked through Hezekiah's water tunnel, experienced Bethlehem, floated on the Dead Sea, walked through the Rabbi's tunnels far beneath Jerusalem, and walked through the Mount of Olives and overlooked Jerusalem towards the East Gate where Jesus will one day return!  We even were blessed to be able to go to the temple mount!  Our trip wrapped up at the garden tomb where we got to have a precious time of communion.